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I have found Alcohol 120% invaluable during my course work, especialy the image creating and virtual drives as I have been able to make images my course discs at home and then mount them on the virtual drives on my lap top, this has saved me having to take expensive course discs with me each time I travel, this software has been a godsend and has paid for its self in a very short time, Thank you Alcohol Soft.. Georgina UK

I'm a gamer, Music collector and love making dvds for the family of our holiday trips. Having a younger brother it is hard to keep the disc's in good repair. I was amazed at the speed and Versatility this program can work at and how easy/user friendly it is. I have not a care in the world when my brother or sister asks for me to lend him or her a CD/DVD or Game. I have already made backups all my media, Hard copies on the Hard Drive and all on Disc, no problems at all. This is a Highly recommended program, not just for games but for your music, all your old photos stored on ISO so I can easily burn another copy for family and friends. I'm relaxed to know that I have replaceable copies just at the push of a button. Thank you so much Alco-soft for making mine and many others media lives, easy and care free!!! Ryan Australia

I've used 120% for years and purchased the lifetime membership. What I'd like to comment on is the ability to log on to my account and move my license when needed. Sometimes I'm on the road and want to take 120% with me. Other times I format and reinstall Windows and the ability to transfer my license after a crash or full format upgrade to a new OS is beneficial for both of us. I get to keep the licensed program that I purchased and you get to keep me as a customer that promotes your products to others. I'm a computer tech and have recommended your products to my customers with pride. Keep up the wonderful work that you do. Michael Tampa FL

When I first needed a CD/DVD emulator several years ago, I tried several solutions. Finally after using Alcohol-Soft 120% trial, it had all the features I needed. I could finally go CD free with my games, instead of having to switch CDs everytime I wanted to play a game and risk breaking or scratching them. It even got better when I purchased it, as their activation process is extremely simple. Everytime I replace my computer, getting it installed and working is as simple as deactivating my old computer, and installing it on my new one. It's simple to use, powerful, and does everything I need from backing up my CD/DVDs, mounting images, and burning data or music CDs. I can't see myself using anything else. Brett Allen, Fort Worth, Texas

One of the things that I am most happy with about Alcohol 120% was their outstanding customer service. Alcohol 120% has their own forum with detailed information essential to anyone looking for answers. Never had better first class support from any software company. Adrian USA

Much better than any other DVD burning software on the market, extremely fast with an easy to use interface, makes perfect back ups, and doesn't bog down my pc. Jordan USA

I am extrememly happy with my purchase of Alcohol 120%. I've never had a drink of alcohol in my life, but this alcohol is by far one of the best purchases I have ever made. With two young boys in the house, who love their computer games, lets just say things get a little caotic. My kids are good kids, but they aren't always as careful as they should be and when you are dealing with CD Roms, taking them in and out of the disk drive over and over again, bad things can happen. Alcohol 120% solved this issue once and for all. Now instead of losing disks, destroying disks or having to wait for the disk to spin and the game to load, my kids can simply click on the icon and begin playing the game. I highly recomend using the virtual drives of Alcohol 120% In Him, Michael Holloran "He must become greater, I must become less" John 3:30

I Have been using Alcohol 120% Since 2004 and this time I can actually say that I have never had a problem with this software apart from an install glitch when I upgraded to Vista in the early days from XP Pro (and this was sorted out in hours from the vendor) but I classed this as a normal process and risk when a new operating system is released, I am pleased to say that I will continue to use Alcohol 120% and is the only Virtual Disk and copying software I use as I have never needed an alternative. It's easy to use and has a lovely GUI as well as dedicated support. And receives a 100% mark from me and my co-workers. Shaun Richards IT manager UK

I see that version 2 is coming soon , i can only hope that it has been as good as the current version. Having not got time to burn DVD's the 120% drive mount facility has been a godsend. I have been using 120% for over 4 years now and everytime i build a new pc for myself or change my laptop the first bit of software i install after my Eset AV is Alcohol 120%Craig Sinclair MD,CSU

The best software for CD and DVD burning Vanisyalp Russia

I Highly Recommend Alcohol 120% to everyone. Not only has it worked flawlessly for me the support has been great. The website continues to be a great resource for me. I really believe this has been one of my best software purchases of all time. Anthony Mitchell Tampa, Florida

I'm not by any means a technology expert, but i'm competent with a variety of software, and all i can say about Alcohol 120% is that it has, quite simply, improved my computing experience. By gathering my discs together, and storing them as images, my library is both readily accessible and backed up - and much faster! Excellent Software. Matt United Kingdom

I have been using Alcohol 120% software successfully for over a year and a half without any problems whatsoever. I bought it to preserve my games CD's and have used it to 'cut' them to my home server. This means for me quick installs after rebuilding or upgrading my clients and less hassle, no scratched CD's/DVD's. I have also used it successfully to cut my Films onto the server and then mount the ISO image using the 'virtual' DVD for playback. Being able to play your favourite games or videos from your home storage is a perfect way to preserve your media and have instant access and for this reason I recommend Alcohol to anyone wanting to do the same. As long as you own your material there is no reason why you should not store it on your home system and for this Alcohol software has been a boon to me. Woody United Kingdom

Alcohol means for me, already for many years, a great tool for archiving my CD's and DVD's. Where i used to search for hours my CD's and DVD's, i can find it now in just seconds. Jos ter Hoeven Netherlands

"Alcolhol 120% is a great burning software, with even greater drive emulation capabilities. With support for a variety of different copy protections, it's the only software I've stumbled upon, that always gets the job done. So I wish to thank the Alcohol Software Team for making such a great software. Cheers, Mikkel Petersen, a happy lifetime license investor. Mikkel Petersen Denmark

I've used this program along with many others over the years, and It has always come out as the best one for me. Does everything I need it to do. Carl UK

One of the best CD/DVD image utilities ever, quick & light. I use it for years! Congratulations to Alcohol team for their good job over years! Orlando Portugal

This is about as good as a CD/DVD Burning can get. If youre having problems creating a GOOD, COMPLETE backup CD/DVD for any games or programs, you may be burning it at too fast a rate. If you slow your burning speed down to 10X-16X, you're almost assured of a GOOD, CLEAN, COMPLETE burn of your backup using Alcohol 120% everytime. Disaksen USA

I have 2 sons, so making backups of games is a necessity because they are so hard on the discs. I was having a real problem with one game, used many other software, and still when playing the backup it would skip and pause and some areas just would not work. I tried the Alcohol 120 and first time worked perfect!! Thanks for such a great product, keep up the good work!!! Paul USA

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